The MCM Is Dead, But The Idea Doesn’t Have To Be

Microsoft has announced it’s discontinuing the MCM (Microsoft Certified Master) certification on October 1, 2013. Anyone who has passed the knowledge exam has roughly thirty days to pass the lab...
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That is why your abstracts fail.

7 Reasons Why Abstracts Fail

I just wrapped up my second go-round as a member of a PASS Summit Abstract Review Team, and I want to share some of the missteps that torpedo an abstract’s chances of being selected. Last year, I...

Why We Write: My Interview with Louis Davidson

SQL Server MVP and author Louis Davidson (b|t) has an ongoing blog series on called, “Why We Write.” It’s a series of interviews with writers and bloggers who don’t make a living...
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T-SQL Tuesday #41: My Love of Presenting is Nothing New

Bob Pusateri is hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, and he’s decreed the topic be how we came to love presenting. I say presenting is really the same thing as performing, and my love of performing...

If You’re Not Sure About Submitting an Abstract

The 2013 PASS Summit Call for Speakers ends in less than 48 hours. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to submit an abstract for the Summit (or any other event, for that matter), here’s...

Reporting Services 2012 Bug Causes Export to Excel Failure

Finally, FINALLY, I get to tell my boss the report subscriptions broke and it’s the server’s fault. Here’s what happened: I took a report that ran perfectly on a SQL 2008 server and...
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Five SQL Server Bloggers to Watch in 2013

I’d like to bring your attention to five bloggers I’ve begun following over the last year, and who I anticipate will be creating outstanding content in 2013. They have the following in common...

How Documentation Leads Me to Smarter Programming

“Okay, so these are the steps to take in order to run this process. Step one: rename the file. Wait. Why would I rename the file? SSIS can do that for me in a script task. No need to bother the operator...